Our people are really focused on giving customers a great service. If we get something wrong, we learn from it. Our range of services exist to help customers to live well. They include repairs, money advice, and employment and training support. To help us stay on track we use independent researchers to find out what our customers think and give a group of customers a voice through our Insight Committee. 

In 2021-22 we...

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…found out that 80% of customers were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with our services.

This is 7% higher than the average for our sector.

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…carried out 35,437 repairs and completed 99% within the target deadline.

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…ensured that 88% of customers were satisfied that we provide a home that is safe and secure.

And that 85% believe their rent is value for money.

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How we helped...

Supporting our customers

Our people are fundamental to great customer service. Watch our Chief Executive, Lindsey Williams, explain how we deliver on our commitment to excellent customer service.

Lisa's story
Meet the Help Hub team

Customer satisfaction isn’t just about statistics though. Lisa’s story shows how the service she received from our Neighbourhoods team helped rescue her and her son from an abusive situation.

Find out how we offered Lisa hope

This year we introduced the Help Hub - an easy to use searchable database that gives customers quick access to some of the questions we get asked most. 

It also includes help and advice, including videos, to quickly fix smaller problems around the home.

Click here to find out more about the system and the team working behind the scenes to keep it up-to-date and running smoothly.