We need to be a well-run, well-managed and financially stable organisation to ensure that we can always be there and do more for our customers. In unstable economic times like these, this is even more important than ever. We also need long-term stability in our business to ensure that we can continue housing and supporting our customers long into the future.

In 2021-22 we...

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…had our G1/V1 top ranking reconfirmed by the Government’s housing regulator.

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…achieved an A+ credit rating.

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…secured a new £70m financial bond at market-leading rates.

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How we did it...

Raising money
A new Director of Finance
Regulator of Social Housing
The full financial picture

We raise funds on the financial markets to pay for building and acquiring new homes and to invest in services for customers. We took advantage of favourable bond markets this year to top up our funding for new projects. 

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In June 2021 we appointed Rajan Sharma as our new Director of Finance, helping us to secure a strong financial foundation. Find out more about Raj here.

The Government's Regulator of Social Housing awards three categories of rating for all housing associations: a G-rating for how well the organisation is governed and a V-rating for financial viability. Futures meets the highest rating in both categories.

Click here to read the Regulator's most recent regulatory judgement for Futures.

If you want to know more about our finances during the year, you can read our full financial statements for the financial year 2021-22.