With rising food, fuel and other essential costs, we know that many of the people we house and support have found it extra hard to manage their budgets and stay afloat this year. Our specialist money advice team is passionate about helping people claim what they are entitled to and giving them the skills they need to make ends meet. The service is confidential, friendly and free of charge. 

In 2021-22 we...

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…helped customers to access more than £250,000 in financial support.

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…provided emergency supplies to more than 300 households.

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…worked with 1,600 customers to improve their circumstances to the value of almost £1/2m. 

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How we helped...

John's story
Malcolm's story
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John moved back to the UK from Germany in 2019 after being diagnosed with cancer. He initially lived with his brother but he then moved away leaving John to manage on his own.

John has found the soaring cost of living a real struggle. He found himself £3,000 in debt after making frequent trips to Leicester for vital medical treatment alongside the growing day-to-day costs of living alone.  

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Malcolm has struggling to manage his finances and run a household after the death of his parents. Until Futures colleague Louise helped. 

Read Malcolm's story

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