We pride ourselves on being a force for good. Not just for now, but for the future. Improving the energy efficiency of homes not only benefits the environment but also helps customers use less fuel and save money - all the more vital when costs are rising. We also want to do more for the planet by improving outdoor spaces and how we work as a business.  

Sustainability is a central theme of our corporate plan, and we made great progress on our sustainability journey this year. 

In 2021-22 we...

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…installed external wall insulation to 150 of our least energy efficient homes.

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…secured grant funding for energy-related improvements for a further 450 homes in 2022-23.  

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…completed our first sustainability strategy.

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How we helped...

Our new sustainability strategy

Our new Sustainability Strategy sets out our ambition and how we plan to improve our carbon performance over the coming years. It’s our first ever such strategy and came about because our employees were passionate for us to do more to help the planet. Watch this short video to find out more.

You can read the full strategy here.

Ironville energy efficiency improvements
Green Spaces Advisory Board
Read our ESG report to find out more

Ironville, located in the beautiful Amber Valley area, is a village initially built in the 19th century to house ironworkers. In 2021 residents received free improvements to help improve energy efficiency thanks to funding secured by Amber Valley Borough Council.

Here’s how it’s made a difference.

This year we became founder members of the Green Spaces Advisory Board - a consortium of housing associations and other organisations working together to help all housing providers do more to improve the outdoor spaces around their homes.

Find out more about the consortium here.

This year we've published our first ever environmental, social and governance (ESG) report where you can find out much more about how we are working hard to reduce our environmental impact.