In 2021-22 we...

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...invested £10.7m in maintaining and improving homes.

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…completed 100% of gas safety inspections and 35,437 repairs.

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…installed 119 new kitchens, 156 new bathrooms, 497 windows and doors and 230 roof replacements or upgrades.

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How we helped...

Your feedback matters

Watch this montage of short clips illustrating some of the kind things our customers had to say about our repairs work during the year.

What you told us

Customers also had good things to say about planned improvements to their homes. We’ve brought just a few of their comments to life in this second video.

About our repairs team and technology
Checking repairs made easy
Our new environmentally friendly weedkiller

We aim to get repairs right first time whenever we can – which means we focus on working smarter, faster and better.

This year we've continued investing in technology and people to boost customer satisfaction, improve efficiency and increase job satisfaction for our team members.

Click here  to see some of the highlights of the year for our repairs team, including details of how we are investing in apprentices.

We've introduced an exciting service that allows our customers to check the status of their repairs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Click here to find out how our repairs checker virtual assistant works 

We continue to respect the environment and find new 'greener' ways of working. Foamstream is our new herbicide free weedkiller made from natural ingredients. Find out how we keep the community, our employees and the environment safe.

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